Awards photography

Simply say that I personally never present any competition or contest being advertising agencies who did.

J&B1st National advertising Photography


1st National advertising Photography

Direct shot image. Without any digital editing. it was year 1990 and there were hardly any personal computers.
This image made me the youngest photographer ever awarded. I was 27 years old.

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CupNew York & Lion Festivals 95


New York & Lion Festivals 95

Surprises have life... you never trust when a client asks you for..:
A simple picture.
That said to call my dear friend and mentor Huberto Morales when he needed a glass on white background...

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RunnerNew York & Lion Festivals 96


New York & Lion Festivals 96

... Ideas are ideas.
But you have to perform and convert images. At first I never thought that such a simple concept may need such a complex realization.

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